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10 Cool Things You Can Do On Internet For Free

10 Cool Things You Can Do On Internet For Free

There are so many things you can do online for free. Most people spend their free time online on Facebook or other social media. But do you know that there is other stuff you can do online for free as well? Below are some of the coolest things people do online for free. You can also do a small research to identify other things you can do online. This will ensure that your free time is well spent. Again, you will avoid boredom because when you get bored, you can do a few of the stuff listed below. Some of the things listed below are purely for fun but you will also find educative fun things to do online for free.

  1. Play games online

This is the most popular way people spend their free time online. The good news is that one can also play HD games on the internet these days. It gets easier to identify games of your choice by using the game finder. Here you can easily find an interesting game and because of the variety that is given, you will never easily get bored. The problem though is that one can easily get addicted to a certain game. But in order to avoid that, try finding and playing new games on a regular basis.

  1. Learn to make stuff online

This is a good way to learn new things. If you have not tried it, well during your free time, log on to various sites that stream videos on how to make or do stuff online. In most cases, you will learn a lot about food, fashion, and lifestyle in general. One such site is Videojug. In fact, they have various cooking tips and recipes and practically they will show you how it’s done.

  1. Photoshop

Well, you don’t have to use other people’s pictures; you can actually retouch your photos. Through various apps available for free online, you can easily manipulate photos. Try using the GIMP or Pixlr editor online. You can easily manipulate existing photos and create your own photos. This is exciting especially for people who love posting new pictures on social media. It gives you variety of pictures to post online.

  1. Read online

Well, if you love reading, there are various sites that give you the option to read free eBooks online. Check out various classic books available online at the open library. Through some of these software apps available for free online, you can organize the books as well. Learning a new language is also fun. This is one of the cool things you can do this year. In some sites, they make it so easy to learn a new language free of charge. Duolingo is one such site. Alternatively, improve your professional skills by enrolling for a new exciting course online. Check out MIT or Coursera online to check out their free courses which are all inclusive.

  1. Music

Well, this is a classic. We all love listening to relaxing music when we are bored or simply tired. These days through the internet, you can listen to endless music of your choice online for free. Spotify is a popular site where they stream music for free. Alternatively, you may also listen to radio online. You may opt to listen to local radios or international radio. Grooveshark is a popular online radio since they also play a variety of music. They, therefore, appeal to many listeners.

  1. Free Wi-Fi spots

If you find this, it becomes easier to enjoy everything you want online. It is true that there are free Wi-Fi spots anywhere and everywhere. With a little research, you will easily find such spots. At Wififreespot you will find free places where you can get Wi-Fi for free and then do everything you ever wanted online.

  1. Learn magic tricks

If you regularly play games online, here you can learn a few tricks on how to be a good player. You will learn a lot on card or strategy and this will make you a pro at various online games. If you learn the tricks, then playing online games also becomes more fun.

  1. Online comics

Well, look for comic sites and you will enjoy a good laugh online and at any time. Check out the Dr.Mc Ninja or any other comic online at comic prospector. You will regularly watch the funniest jokes for free online. This is a good way to spend your leisure time.

  1. Make friends online

Forget the social media. Through online sites such as Inmate, you can easily meet and socialize with new friends online. There are various other sites that make it possible for one to meet and find new friends as well. A little research will enable you to find such sites.

  1. Solutions on Tech Guy Website

Finally, if you have any unresolved issues regarding the PC or internet, you can easily find a solution with the Tech guy website. You get answers instantly. In addition, we all need professional advice on finances or even to track our finances, check out Mint and you will learn a thing or two about managing your finances.

We have just highlighted a few things you can do on the internet for free. But there is much more to be seen and done online. You can check out reviews on such things on a regular basis online. Through networking, you will also learn of the cool things you can do online as well. Playing games online is very popular especially with the youth. But to avoid addiction, try and vary the things you do online.

It is a good way to interact with experts and also learn new stuff. The options of the things you can do online are limitless. This is especially so if you get access to free internet. But even though you do not have access to free internet, we have given you a few things that you can do online for free.

Well, at when you are bored and you really need to do something to avoid being idle; try out any of the above things. You will find them more exciting than even social media apps where most people spend their time simply because they are not aware of other exciting ways to have cool fun online.

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