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Comparison between educational websites and universities

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The recent advent of technology has infiltrated the education system where students can learn important job skills without leaving the comfort of their homes. This is through educational websites teaching different skills such as programming, writing, languages and so much more. There is also a massive migration of students learning through educational websites while ignoring universities for the same coursework. This large movement can be termed as bad but to be honest, this is a double-edged sword, where there are advantages and disadvantages to educational websites vs. universities.

Easy access to education

While universities have been in existence for ages, they have been locking out students who do not have course qualification thereby locking out students from accessing these courses. This has changed over the recent years with the establishment of educational websites. Students can register on these sites and undertake a course which will enable them to upgrade or learn a new skill.

Educational websites do not need many resources to access them, unlike universities which will require you to physically travel to the university to register and partake a particular course. Even online university have restrictions which hinder many students from accessing specific courses.

Easy to use

Educational websites are easy to use with all the resources available at a click of a button. After registration, students have access to multiple educational resources. Educational websites also give students the option of choosing the time which they would like to partake in classes, unlike universities where you have to adhere to a certain schedule.

Free and paid educational websites vs. universities

There is a wide variety of educational websites which are available to students from all over the world. It doesn’t matter where a student is located; they can still access the same information as a student at a different time one. While there is a distinction between two types of educational websites, students can even get the same level of skills with each one. The difference is between paid and free educational websites.

The paid educational websites will require you to pay for the resources while the free educational website will give you access to educational resources without you spending a dime. However, there is always a catch with these informative websites. Students have to pay for certification to be recognized in the job market. Universities, on the other hand, will give access to resources straight from the time of joining the university and students have to pay for the education. You also have to undertake a whole course selection, unlike an education website where you can choose a section of the course.