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How to Waste Time on the Internet

How to Waste Time on the Internet

Well, whether at the workplace or at home, sometimes you just get bored. You seem to have lots of time and the day or night just seems so long. Well, we have ideas on how to avoid boredom and waste time when you are idle. Below are some of the creative and exciting ways to waste time on the internet. In fact, the internet is one of the ways through which most employees and kids or even moms who stay at home and other idle people waste time.

Time wasting games

This is the number one way through which people waste time online playing games. If you are passionate about playing online games and these days there are a variety of online games that are free, you will realize that time actually flies when you start playing these games. Below are some of the exciting online free games you can play to waste time

  • Bejeweled; amazingly, this is also a free online game. Better still, it can be played on mobile phone platforms. But for the employees, this is one of the ways they can still waste time at work especially when it is not busy. Basically, it involves detonating various gems at a different speed. Alternatively, you may opt to play on the classic mode whether you keep on moving from one level to another. Next time you are bored and time is not moving as fast as you would like, play this game and you will absolutely enjoy it.
  • Gold miner; this is a very popular game especially in the office. Basically, you just need to grab as many stashes of gold as possible. All the stones of gold that you stash have value and this will determine if you will be upgraded to a higher level or not. It is addictive as one tries to pursue higher levels so due to the fact that you are intensely playing to upgrade, you will actually realize time moves very fast when playing the game. If you are in the office there is the option to pause so as to sort customers or work and resume later. You may also minimize it such that when you open another window, the online game does not disappear. This is a very good RPG for anyone who easily gets bored in the course of their work or even to play until late night at home.
  • Angry birds; well, this is an absolute time waster. It has up to 300 different levels to play. This makes it more exciting and one easily gets addicted since they want to prove that they can play the game on a high level. It is a free online game especially when you download on your PC and better still, you may play the game on any smart device online or offline.
  • Other games such as Warcraft and Starcraft are extremely addictive. For people who like strategy games, these two are the best options, though. It is clear from research findings that playing games online is one of the top time-wasting options there is today.

Movie reviews

Well, rotten tomatoes site has the best reviews. Many people follow up on movie reviews online at the site because it offers up to date reviews and variety of movies. It is therefore only common to find people searching for the latest movie reviews and actually watching trailers online here.


Though we have already talked about online games, for people interested in massive multiplayer online role-playing game is the ultimate time waster online, this is the site to visit online. Variety and high-level games can be found here. The fact that there is a variety of games to play at any given time helps to prevent addiction to a particular game which can negatively impact on your life in some cases.

News blogs

Well going through various news sites online can also help you avoid boredom and kill time as well. Sites such as, Netscape among others always have new articles and worthy news to read.

Social media

This is one of the biggest time wasters on the internet. Even employers have tried measures to curb this vice in the office. Well, we must admit that work can be a bit boring in some cases, it is the low season and you just can’t keep staring at the walls in the office. Most people turn to social media to keep away boredom. It is also a fun way to interact with your networks. Common social media apps that will ensure that you are not bored include Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. YouTube is also an avenue through which you can post info, pictures, and videos of your favourite topics and keep you busy to avoid boredom. It is also educative.


This is a productive way to waste time online. This is especially so for moms and people who are enthusiastic about cooking. Here, if you give a list of ingredients you have, you will get various recipes for making yummy meals. This really also helps working moms because during office hours when you are bored, you can easily come up with the recipes for meals you will be making for your family later in the evening.

Well, clearly, most people waste time on the internet playing various games. We have just highlighted the common free games played online but there is a variety of other games for kids and adults too. It is also a good idea to also use the free time productively by checking various sites that help you improve your skills. The YouTube and Supercook are channels that can really help you do that. But the social media channels will; also help you to know the latest news and a little bit of gossip too.

Remember we have just mentioned a few ways on how to waste time online. But with a small research, you can also come up with various other ways through which you can spend your leisure time. Even at the workplace, we have seen it is also possible to have some fun online especially when you are bored. Therefore you have no excuse to get bored or idle. The internet has so many options for everyone to ensure that all your relaxation, information and generally social needs are met.

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