The Formation Of The Lake

Lake Šmartín lies north of Celje on the way to Vojnik and was created by the dam of the Koprivnica stream, which in front of the Celje settlement, the Island merges into Savinja. Koprivnica originates in a northwest direction towards Dobrna and joins the lake in the village of Loče, also called the 16 m high impounded earth barrier, built in 1970. The containment solved the constant risk of flood of the Savinja River for the town of Celje, as well as growing problems. water supply. In addition to its original high water retention function, the lake and its surroundings have evolved over the years into a recreational, sports and tourist area that has become more popular year after year.

The lake is named after the town of Smartno in the Rose Valley. Although this part of the landscape is embossed and covered with many small slopes, so that we cannot even speak of a real valley, the name of the place has been preserved to this day.