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The Funniest Websites to Visit When You Are Bored

The Funniest Websites to Visit When You Are Bored

When you are completely bored, there are a number of things that you can do for fun. You see, you do not want to live a dull life and this means that you have to find websites that will bring fun to your life at the moment of boredom. This calls for you to visit a number of websites that we shall discuss below. When you visit these websites, you will be able to find fun and happiness and you go on with your daily activities. Here are the 10 websites to visit:

  1. The Useless Web

Just like the title says, this is a very useless website! It should be suitable for all the people who are bored.  When you click The Useless Web Button, you will be taken to any random useless website and this should keep you occupied for a few minutes. Keep clicking on this website button and your time will be wasted, hence you will not be bored!

  1. The Faces of Facebook

The Faces Of Facebook is another website that you can visit when you are truly bored and do not know what to do with your spare time. With this website, one can load over 1.27 Billion profile pages of Facebook users in one single page. To do this, all you have to do is click randomly on any part of the screen that comes up on the first page of the site. This should definitely be fun to you and it demonstrates how small the world is when it comes to the digital age.

  1. Dear Photograph

This is a website that features people holding old photographs that were taken at the same spot and many years ago. You will definitely be interested to see how the featured people have changed over the years and this is definitely fun for a bored person.

  1. Textastrophe

This is an interesting website that will help you see the dangers of posting your cell phone numbers to public sites. With this website, a creator will start a conversation with a random number that can be picked from the Craigslist adverts. The chats are posted online and they are pretty funny!  You will love the screenshots of the various chats on this website.

  1. Funny Or Die

If you love comedy, this is the website for you to visit.  With this website, you will find hilarious sketches and funny video content. All this content can be fun for the person who is bored and needs a break. You will love video content from celebrities. An added feature of this site is that the users can vote for the content.

  1. College Humour

This is yet another website for the people who are bored. This comedy website has all types of entertaining videos, articles, and videos. You will also find funny photos.  The fact that this website also has a YouTube channels with more than 10 million users means that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to funny videos as well!

  1. Reddit

I guess this should be the perfect website for the people who are very bored. Here, you will find pretty everything from news to funny stuff. There are categories for virtually anything that you would wish to learn or do. The IAmA category is one of the most visited. You will find interviews by Redditors to celebrities and all sorts of people. You will for sure love the stuff on this website.

  1. Is it normal?

There are things that you sometimes do or you find other people doing that irritate or fascinate you. You sometimes wonder if doing such things is normal or not. Well, when you have plenty of time or just want to avoid boredom, find out the answers to such issues online at this site. Here you get to ask the question and find out what other people think. It’s a simple way to easily network and also socialize online.

  1. Omegle

Most people chat online through various social media. Well, you may still chat online for free at Omegle, the best thing about this chat room is that you are on a  one on one chat room with a random person. You may share any info depending on the way the conversation goes. In fact, people have made business deals and started fulfilling relationships from such online chats. Try it today and this is especially so if you have plenty of time because such conversations may take a long time.

  1. Be

Teens will absolutely love this site. But all fun lovers will do too. Through their web-based app, you can easily change your profile pictures in various social media to cartoon characters. It is a unique way to make sure your social media profile picture is unique. You may also post pictures of your friends or even family members as cartoons. This is a fun way to reach out to them. It is addictive too so care must be taken to ensure that you do not spend too much time on the site especially at the workplace. Doing that can easily affect your productivity at work and there are consequences.

Well, next time you feel bored, check out some of the sites listed below. There are many more sites online too. We have just highlighted the most popular and funniest sites but there are many more free sites where you can easily have fun. Games such as prince of Persia, the wiki game or even Geoguessr online are a favorite for online users. The catch though is to ensure that you diversify on the games. This way, you will avoid being addicted to a particular game. Always talk to friends online and in real life to find out the new games online. Through social media, you will also get ideas for the latest games as well.

Remember you should also spare some time for fun. Do not wait till you are bored or stressed so that you can play these games. Instead, create time for leisure in your busy schedule. In fact, playing games online can also help to boost your memory and enhance your IQ. This is according to the various research findings posted online recently.