The Story Of Smartin Lake

The story of Šmartinski Lake near Celje is a “green” story. The idyllic nature of the surrounding area around the lake calls for a visit. Walking distance from the Church of Sv. The spirit of the lake is fuller every day – numerous walkers, recreational runners, cyclists as well as four-legged friends are on their way to the same destination – to Smartin Lake.

Why is the lake such an attractive destination?

Just a few minutes from the center of Celje, where we spend one or another stressful day at work, we need relaxation. With its tidiness, kindness and unspoiled nature, Šmartinsko jezero certainly makes it possible for us. What’s more – the lake is also becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. excursion point. All generations are doing well on the lake. Young families with children enjoy the lake and pedolin rides, but for “big” children it is definitely a fun educational hiking trail on the lake – learning about life in the water is made possible by reading a number of information tables.

Picnics and other outdoor gatherings are a popular form of leisure, especially on weekends. Especially if you are cycling to the lake, a rest on the grass near the lake will definitely fit you. There are numerous providers around the lake who rent a picnic area or even organize a picnic for you.

There are various myths circulating about the fish in Šmartinsko Lake – however, it is certainly true that fishermen will not be disappointed with the catch on the lake. Fishing has always been popular on Lake Smartin – did you know that you can also enjoy night fishing on the lake? (purchase of a night permit at the Fisherman’s Lodge).

If riding a boat, kayaking or looking at a big catfish doesn’t get you enough adrenaline through your veins, we recommend ZORBING. Remember when you were little and rolled up the hill? You were being swept here and there, you were a little shaken up, but the purpose was achieved … to enjoy as much as possible. … Rolling in a huge ball called Zorb. Pinned to Zorb – there are 13 cubic meters of air between you and the track – they will drop you down a specially designed Zorb track, the only one with a bend in Europe!

Still not sure if Smart Lake is the right choice for a Saturday?

Tip: Take a bike to the lake and take a stroll along the lake along a newly arranged path, where information boards will teach you about the life of fish in the waters of Lake Šmartinsko. Don’t forget to take your blankets – the greenery by the lake is a great location for lounging in the grass, in the sun or in the shade. Unless you bring along a picnic basket and your own culinary delights, take advantage of the offer around the lake.